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EPC Meeting Minutes 2014-2015
03-04-2015 (.pdf, 102K, Downloaded:7 times)
02-25-2015 (.pdf, 104K, Downloaded:9 times)
02-18-2015 (.pdf, 99K, Downloaded:10 times)
02-11-2015 (.pdf, 104K, Downloaded:12 times)
01-21-2015 (.pdf, 232K, Downloaded:13 times)
11-19-2014 (.pdf, 233K, Downloaded:7 times)
11-12-2014 (.pdf, 115K, Downloaded:46 times)
10-29-2014 (.pdf, 98K, Downloaded:39 times)
10-02-2014 (.pdf, 47K, Downloaded:44 times)
09-25-2014 (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded:49 times)
09-18-2014 (.pdf, 120K, Downloaded:38 times)
09-11-2014 (.pdf, 115K, Downloaded:40 times)
09-04-2014 (, 56K, Downloaded:50 times)
08-28-2014 (.pdf, 43K, Downloaded:44 times)
Course Level Definitions (.pdf, 70K, Downloaded:46 times)
EPC Meeting Minutes 2013-2014
04-23-14 (.pdf, 114K, Downloaded:86 times)
04-16-14 (.pdf, 28K, Downloaded:74 times)
03-26-14 (.pdf, 58K, Downloaded:79 times)
03-19-14 (.pdf, 34K, Downloaded:82 times)
02-19-14 (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:85 times)
02-12-14 (.pdf, 139K, Downloaded:77 times)
01-29-14 (.pdf, 146K, Downloaded:92 times)
11-20-13 (.pdf, 94K, Downloaded:109 times)
11-06-13 (.pdf, 106K, Downloaded:122 times)
10-30-13 (.pdf, 112K, Downloaded:104 times)
10-23-13 (.pdf, 146K, Downloaded:110 times)
10-16-13 (.pdf, 93K, Downloaded:103 times)
10-09-13 (.pdf, 75K, Downloaded:96 times)
10-02-13 (.pdf, 129K, Downloaded:98 times)
9-25-13 (.pdf, 22K, Downloaded:105 times)
9-18-13 (.pdf, 35K, Downloaded:103 times)
9-11-13 (.pdf, 162K, Downloaded:105 times)
9-04-13 (.pdf, 146K, Downloaded:107 times)
EPC Meeting Minutes 2012-2013
5-6-13 (.pdf, 144K, Downloaded:101 times)
Draft Absences Policy May 2013 (.pdf, 203K, Downloaded:150 times)
4-24-2013 (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:155 times)
4-17-2013 (.pdf, 141K, Downloaded:150 times)
4-3-2013 (.pdf, 42K, Downloaded:163 times)
3-30-2013 (.pdf, 120K, Downloaded:156 times)
3-27-2013 (.docx, 18K, Downloaded:132 times)
3-6-2013 (.pdf, 179K, Downloaded:148 times)
2-27-2013 (.pdf, 5K, Downloaded:167 times)
2-20-2013 (.docx, 19K, Downloaded:163 times)
2-6-2013 (.pdf, 46K, Downloaded:174 times)
1-30-2013 (.pdf, 192K, Downloaded:189 times)
12-5-2012 (.docx, 18K, Downloaded:176 times)
11-28-2012 (.pdf, 76K, Downloaded:200 times)
11-14-2012 (.pdf, 160K, Downloaded:182 times)
11-7-2012 (.docx, 20K, Downloaded:192 times)
10-24-2012 (.pdf, 138K, Downloaded:179 times)
9-26-2012 (.pdf, 8K, Downloaded:185 times)
9-12-2012 (.pdf, 53K, Downloaded:191 times)
9-19-2012 (.pdf, 60K, Downloaded:187 times)
EPC Meeting Minutes 2011-2012
5-2-2012 (.pdf, 33K, Downloaded:187 times)
4-25-2012 (.pdf, 33K, Downloaded:182 times)
4-18-2012 (.pdf, 22K, Downloaded:233 times)
4-11-2012 (.pdf, 127K, Downloaded:215 times)
3-28-2012 (.pdf, 44K, Downloaded:201 times)
3-14-2012 (.pdf, 63K, Downloaded:252 times)
3-07-2012 (.pdf, 35K, Downloaded:230 times)
2-29-2012 (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:244 times)
02-15-2012 (.pdf, 129K, Downloaded:215 times)
02-01-2012 (.pdf, 86K, Downloaded:238 times)
01-25-2012 (.pdf, 143K, Downloaded:236 times)
11-29-2011 (.pdf, 137K, Downloaded:245 times)
11-15-2011 (.pdf, 137K, Downloaded:241 times)
11-01-2011 (.pdf, 140K, Downloaded:240 times)
10-25-2011 (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:236 times)
10-18-2011 (.pdf, 57K, Downloaded:245 times)
10-04-2011 (.pdf, 82K, Downloaded:223 times)
09-27-2011 (.pdf, 18K, Downloaded:239 times)
09-20-2011 (.pdf, 31K, Downloaded:233 times)
09-13-2011 (.pdf, 158K, Downloaded:237 times)
09-06-2011 (.pdf, 199K, Downloaded:243 times)
08-30-2011 (.pdf, 149K, Downloaded:245 times)
EPC Minutes 2010-2011
05-19-2011 (.doc, 40K, Downloaded:259 times)
05-12-2011 (.pdf, 82K, Downloaded:245 times)
05-05-2011 (.pdf, 946K, Downloaded:241 times)
04-28-2011 (.pdf, 49K, Downloaded:243 times)
04-21-2011 (.doc, 36K, Downloaded:217 times)
Report on Scientific Literacy (.pdf, 137K, Downloaded:235 times)
04-14-2011 (.pdf, 224K, Downloaded:248 times)
Capstone Survey Results (.pdf, 388K, Downloaded:383 times)
04-07-2011 (.pdf, 180K, Downloaded:241 times)
03-31-2011 (.pdf, 229K, Downloaded:251 times)
03-17-2001 (.pdf, 47K, Downloaded:240 times)
03-10-2011 (.pdf, 156K, Downloaded:250 times)
03-03-2011 (.pdf, 45K, Downloaded:253 times)
02-24-2011 (.pdf, 243K, Downloaded:241 times)
02-17-2011 (.pdf, 158K, Downloaded:259 times)
2-10-2011 (.pdf, 142K, Downloaded:252 times)
2-3-2011 (.pdf, 213K, Downloaded:248 times)
12-15-2010 (.pdf, 157K, Downloaded:226 times)
12-08-2010 (.pdf, 985K, Downloaded:255 times)
12-01-2010 (.pdf, 147K, Downloaded:239 times)
Open Meeting 12/13/2010 (.pdf, 90K, Downloaded:287 times)
11-17-2010 (.pdf, 157K, Downloaded:260 times)
11-10-2010 (.pdf, 172K, Downloaded:259 times)
11-03-2010 (.pdf, 46K, Downloaded:236 times)
10-27-2010 (.pdf, 153K, Downloaded:239 times)
10-20-2010 (.pdf, 9K, Downloaded:253 times)
10-13-2010 (.doc, 67K, Downloaded:266 times)
10-06-2010 (.pdf, 137K, Downloaded:256 times)
09-29-2010 (.doc, 29K, Downloaded:255 times)
09-08-2010 (.pdf, 165K, Downloaded:272 times)
09-22-2010 (.pdf, 73K, Downloaded:259 times)
09-15-2010 (.pdf, 206K, Downloaded:248 times)
EPC Minutes 2009-2010
5-5-2010 (.pdf, 152K, Downloaded:303 times)
4-28-2010 (.pdf, 44K, Downloaded:289 times)
4-21-2010 (.pdf, 57K, Downloaded:269 times)
4-14-2010 (.pdf, 12K, Downloaded:287 times)
4-7-2010 (.pdf, 152K, Downloaded:274 times)
3-31-2010 (.pdf, 120K, Downloaded:293 times)
3-17-2010 (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded:265 times)
3-10-2010 (.pdf, 165K, Downloaded:544 times)
3-3-2010 (.pdf, 202K, Downloaded:294 times)
Preparatory Reading for General Education Open Meeting February 2010 (.pdf, 768K, Downloaded:382 times)
2-24-2010 (.pdf, 167K, Downloaded:280 times)
2-10-2010 (.pdf, 126K, Downloaded:311 times)
2-3-2010 (.pdf, 40K, Downloaded:288 times)
12-16-2009 (.pdf, 145K, Downloaded:307 times)
12-2-2009 (.pdf, 205K, Downloaded:282 times)
11-18-2009 (.pdf, 154K, Downloaded:290 times)
11-4-2009 (.pdf, 133K, Downloaded:311 times)
10-28-2009 (.pdf, 49K, Downloaded:304 times)
10-21-2009 (.pdf, 126K, Downloaded:307 times)
10-14-09 (.pdf, 84K, Downloaded:319 times)
10-7-2009 (.pdf, 108K, Downloaded:309 times)
9-30-2009 (.pdf, 174K, Downloaded:306 times)
9-16-2009 (.docx, 101K, Downloaded:290 times)
9-09-2009 (.pdf, 7K, Downloaded:324 times)
9-2-2009 (.pdf, 146K, Downloaded:317 times)
EPC Minutes 2008-2009
October 9 (.doc, 33K, Downloaded:426 times)
September 18 (.doc, 31K, Downloaded:446 times)
September 25 (.doc, 57K, Downloaded:443 times)
October 17 (.doc, 30K, Downloaded:435 times)
October 23 (.doc, 75K, Downloaded:422 times)
October 30 (.doc, 31K, Downloaded:422 times)
November 13 (.doc, 33K, Downloaded:453 times)
EPC open meeting Dec. 2 on Gen Ed. (.pdf, 58K, Downloaded:397 times)
November 20 (.docx, 108K, Downloaded:417 times)
December 4, 2008 (.doc, 30K, Downloaded:377 times)
January 28, 2009 (.doc, 31K, Downloaded:448 times)
February 4, 2009 (.docx, 99K, Downloaded:385 times)
February 18 (.docx, 15K, Downloaded:390 times)
February 25 (.doc, 48K, Downloaded:352 times)
March 11 (.docx, 12K, Downloaded:378 times)
March 25 (.doc, 29K, Downloaded:357 times)
April 8 (.doc, 32K, Downloaded:364 times)
April 15 (.doc, 82K, Downloaded:362 times)
Preparatory Reading for General Education Open Meeting April 2009.pdf (.pdf, 433K, Downloaded:425 times)
April 29 (.doc, 42K, Downloaded:385 times)
Open Meeting 4.29.09 (.doc, 68K, Downloaded:380 times)
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