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Assessment Basics and Overview of Requirements (.pdf, 219K)
Guidelines for Writing the Assessment Plan (.pdf, 298K)
Guidelines for Writing the Annual Assessment Report (.pdf, 277K)
2017-218 Budget Request Spreadsheet (.xls, 38K)

Please note that proposed budgets for the 2017-2018 Academic Year are due to the Provost's Office no later than March 31, 2017.

2016-2017 Budget Request Spreadsheet (.xls, 38K)
2015-2016 Budget Request Spreadsheet (.xls, 30K)
2014-2015 Budget Request Spreadsheet (.xls, 45K)
Collecting Exit Data from Students in Your Major - Examples
Exit Interview Psychology 2015 (.pdf, 86K)
Exit Reflective Essay BCS 2015 (.pdf, 147K)
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The Wells College Assessment Committee is charged with the development, implementation, and oversight of a comprehensive campus-wide assessment program. With the College mission statement as its guiding force, the Committee is responsible for supporting all areas of the College as they reflect on their effectiveness of achieving their respective goals. For the academic programs (including majors, the First-Year Experience, and the General Education distribution requirements), student learning outcomes will be the focus of the assessment plan and process. And while student learning goals will also be considered in the academic support areas (such as Advising, Disability Services, Library, Career Services, and Off Campus Study) and student life (including athletics and residential life), administrative effectiveness goals will be assessed as well. Such goals will also be the focus of Admissions, Business Services, External Relations, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Affairs more broadly.

The approach of the Committee shall not be one that dictates missions or assessment methodologies, but rather shall be one that supports those involved to articulate their goals, objectives, and assessment measures. For all involved, their work must be guided by the College’s mission statement and ultimately student learning and development.

The Committee will review annually assessment reports from each department/area and be responsible for monitoring and reporting to the appropriate on-campus and off-campus constituents the changes that occur as a result of the assessment process.

2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 783K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 271K)
2017 Plan table (.pdf, 320K)
2016 Biology Plan (.pdf, 23K)
2016 (.pdf, 206K)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 380K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 529K)
Biological and Chemical Sciences
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 213K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 106K)
2015 (.pdf, 227K)
2015 (.pdf, 181K)
2015 Plan (.pdf, 331K)
2015 Chemistry (.pdf, 108K)
2015 Chemistry Plan (.pdf, 223K)
2015 Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Plan (.pdf, 421K)
2014 (.pdf, 43K)
2012 (.pdf, 264K)
2009 (.htm, 330K)
2008 (.htm, 396K)
2007 (.htm, 295K)
Business (formerly Business & Entrepreneurship)
2017 Assessment Report and Plan (.pdf, 430K)
2016 Business Report and Plan (.pdf, 247K)
2015 (.pdf, 215K)
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 186K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 198K)
2016 (.pdf, 189K)
2016 Chemistry Plan (.pdf, 79K)
Computer Science
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 52K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 60K)
Criminal Justice
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 441K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 258K)
2016 (.pdf, 277K)
2016 Criminal Justice Plan (.pdf, 349K)
2015 (.pdf, 750K)
2014 (.pdf, 39K)
Economics and Management
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 141K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 114K)
2016 (.pdf, 78K)
2016 Economics & Management Plan (.pdf, 110K)
2015 (.pdf, 114K)
2012 (.pdf, 66K)
2008 (.htm, 39K)
2007 (.htm, 37K)
Education Program
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 752K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 416K)
2017 Supporting documents (.pdf, 800K)
2016 (.pdf, 459K)
2016 Education Plan (.pdf, 382K)
2016 Attachment - Assessment Map (.pdf, 259K)
2016 Attachment - Student Teaching Evaluation Rubric (.pdf, 339K)
2016 Attachment - Student Teaching Portfolio Rubric (.pdf, 367K)
2015 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 260K)
2014 Attachment-Assessment Map Revised (.pdf, 354K)
2015 (.pdf, 686K)
2014 (.pdf, 759K)
2014 Attachment-Exit Interview (.pdf, 124K)
2014 Attachment-Student Teaching Portfolio Rubric (.pdf, 111K)
2014 Attachment- Student Teaching Rubric (.pdf, 168K)
2014 Program Summary Report (.pdf, 56K)
2013 Inquiry Brief Submitted to TEAC (.pdf, 548K)
2009 (.htm, 281K)
2008 (.htm, 176K)
2007 (.htm, 63K)
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 82K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 76K)
2016 (.pdf, 279K)
2016 English Plan (.pdf, 209K)
2015 (.pdf, 93K)
2012 Visiting Writers Series (.pdf, 678K)
2012 (.pdf, 195K)
2012-Portfolio Comps (.pdf, 132K)
2012 -- Exam Comps (.pdf, 126K)
2009 (.htm, 47K)
2008 (.htm, 100K)
2007 (.htm, 49K)
Environmental Science (formerly Environmental Studies)
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 783K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 700K)
2016 (.pdf, 432K)
2016 Environmental Science Plan (.pdf, 560K)
2015 (.pdf, 365K)
2015 Plan (.pdf, 632K)
2014 (.pdf, 331K)
2012 (.pdf, 528K)
2009 (.pdf, 338K)
2008 (.htm, 228K)
2007 (.htm, 162K)
Health Sciences
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 71K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 203K)
2016 (.pdf, 88K)
2016 Health Sciences Plan (.pdf, 118K)
2015 (.pdf, 213K)
Film and Media Studies
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 80K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 145K)
2017 History Report (.pdf, 89K)
2017 History Plan (.pdf, 21K)
2016 (.pdf, 237K)
2016 History Plan (.pdf, 392K)
2015 (.pdf, 559K)
2014 (.pdf, 90K)
2008 (.htm, 66K)
2007 (.htm, 12K)
2007 (.htm, 17K)
International Studies
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 272K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 201K)
2016 (.pdf, 156K)
2016 International Studies Plan (.pdf, 157K)
2015 (.pdf, 336K)
2014 (.pdf, 32K)
2012 (.pdf, 162K)
Mathematical & Physical Sciences
2017 Report (.pdf, 15K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 231K)
2016 (.pdf, 109K)
2015 (.pdf, 103K)
2014 (.pdf, 37K)
2012 (.pdf, 48K)
2010 (.htm, 21K)
2007 (.pdf, 92K)
2017 Report (.pdf, 63K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 69K)
2016 (.pdf, 66K)
2016 Philosophy Plan (.pdf, 57K)
2015 (.pdf, 34K)
2014 (.pdf, 19K)
2016 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 280K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 297K)
Political Science
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 203K)
2016 (.pdf, 160K)
2016 Political Science Plan (.pdf, 220K)
2015 (.pdf, 132K)
2014 (.pdf, 20K)
2012 (.pdf, 115K)
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 146K)
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 164K)
2016 (.pdf, 654K)
2016 Psychology Plan (.pdf, 187K)
2015 (.pdf, 566K)
2015 Plan (.pdf, 245K)
2014 (.pdf, 127K)
2014 Updated Plan (.pdf, 103K)
2012 (.pdf, 329K)
2012 -- Exit Interview (.pdf, 78K)
2012 -- Updated Plan (.pdf, 203K)
2008 (.htm, 32K)
2007 (.htm, 30K)
Public Affairs: Ethics, Politics & Social Policy (no longer an active major)
2009 (.pdf, 149K)
2008 (.htm, 26K)
2007 (.htm, 51K)
Religion (Study of ) (no longet an active major)
2008 (.htm, 46K)
Social & Economic Justice
2014 (.pdf, 37K)
2015 (.pdf, 188K)
Sociology and Anthropology
2017 Report (.pdf, 678K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 678K)
2016 (.pdf, 173K)
2015 (.pdf, 231K)
2014 (.pdf, 37K)
2009 (.htm, 35K)
2008 (.htm, 54K)
2007 (.htm, 39K)
Spanish (formerly Modern Languages; formerly Foreign Languages, Literatures & Cultures)
2017 Report (.pdf, 318K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 417K)
2016 Spanish Report and Plan (.pdf, 435K)
2015 (.pdf, 201K)
2014 (.pdf, 343K)
2008 (.pdf, 110K)
2007 (.htm, 76K)
2017 Report (.pdf, 68K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 190K)
2016 (.pdf, 514K)
2015 (.pdf, 238K)
Theatre & Dance (formerly Performing Arts)
2017 Report (.pdf, 209K)
2017 Plan (.pdf, 237K)
2017 supporting doc A (.pdf, 223K)
2017 Supporting doc B (.pdf, 186K)
2017 Supporting doc C (.pdf, 17K)
2016 (.pdf, 219K)
2016 Theatre & Dance Plan (.pdf, 238K)
2016 Theatre & Dance Rubric Samples (.pdf, 847K)
2016 Attachment - THEA 128 Panel 2 Rubric (.pdf, 16K)
2016 Attachment - THEA 128 Self and Partner Evaluation (.pdf, 90K)
2016 Attachment - THEA 200 Scene Rubric (.pdf, 88K)
2016 Attachment - THEA 255 Final Rubric (.pdf, 87K)
2016 Attachment - THEA 332 Scene Rubric (.pdf, 6K)
2016 Music Assessment Document (.pdf, 42K)
2015 (.pdf, 495K)
2015 Attachment-DANC 316 Rubric (.pdf, 175K)
2015 Attachment - Dance Concert (.pdf, 222K)
2015 Attachment - Site Specifc Rubric (.pdf, 116K)
2015 Attachment - THDA 100 Midterm Rubric (.pdf, 5K)
2015 Attachment - THEA 128 Rubric (.pdf, 270K)
2015 Attachment - THEA 200 Rubric (.pdf, 11K)
2015 Attachment - THEA 330 Rubric (.pdf, 169K)
2015 Attachment - THEA 332 Rubric (.pdf, 178K)
2015 Attachment - THEA 338 Rubric (.pdf, 175K)
2012 (.pdf, 398K)
2009 (.htm, 721K)
Dance Rubrics (.pdf, 128K)
2008 (.pdf, 227K)
2007 Music (.htm, 116K)
2007 Theatre and Dance (.htm, 314K)
Visual Arts
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 108K)
2017 Assessment Report (.pdf, 340K)
2016 Visuals Arts Report and Plan (.pdf, 203K)
2015 (.pdf, 229K)
2014 (.pdf, 234K)
Revised Plan (.pdf, 253K)
2009 (.pdf, 135K)
2008 (.htm, 113K)
Women's and Gender Studies
2017 Assessment Plan (.pdf, 202K)
2015 (.pdf, 527K)
2014 (.pdf, 34K)
2014 Attachment-Syllabus ANTH270 (.pdf, 49K)
2014 Attachment - Syllabus ANTH 345 (.pdf, 197K)
2014 Attachment - Syllabus HTY 210 (.pdf, 194K)
2014 Attachment- Syllabus POLS 155 (.pdf, 71K)
2014 Attachment - Syllabus SOC 315 (.pdf, 113K)
2014 Attachment- Syllabus SOC 365 (.pdf, 114K)
2014 Attachment - Syllabus THEA 320 (.pdf, 25K)
2012 (.pdf, 104K)
2007 (.htm, 21K)
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Academic Advising & Student Achievement
2015 Academic Advising & Success (.pdf, 592K)
2015 Student Achievement (.pdf, 271K)
2014 Academic Advising & Success (.pdf, 654K)
2014 Student Achievement (.pdf, 86K)
2012 Student Achievement (.pdf, 307K)
2009 (.pdf, 1028K)
2008 (.htm, 19K)
2007 (.pdf, 65K)
2012 (.pdf, 345K)
Book Arts Center
2012 BKRT Courses in the Visual Arts Major (.pdf, 1933K)
2009 (.pdf, 2470K)
2008 (.pdf, 78K)
2007 (.pdf, 74K)
Experiential Learning & Career Services (formerly Career Development Services)
2015 (.pdf, 392K)
2014 (.pdf, 604K)
2014 Updated Plan (.pdf, 429K)
2012 (.pdf, 532K)
2008 (.pdf, 215K)
2007 (.pdf, 114K)
Health Professions
2013 (.pdf, 743K)
International Programs (formerly Off-Campus Studies)
2008 (.pdf, 195K)
2007 (.htm, 13K)
2015 Library Instruction (.pdf, 224K)
2014 (.pdf, 207K)
2012 (.pdf, 121K)
2010 (.htm, 231K)
2009 (.pdf, 693K)
2008 (.pdf, 460K)
2007 (.htm, 104K)
Physical Education
2009 (.htm, 105K)
Evaluation Totals for F08, Sp09 (.xls, 22K)
2008 (.pdf, 84K)
2007 (.htm, 11K)
2012 (.pdf, 116K)
Registrar's Office
2014 (.pdf, 21K)
2012 (.pdf, 93K)
2009 (.pdf, 83K)
2008 (.pdf, 94K)
2007 (.htm, 37K)
String Room Gallery
2015 (.pdf, 66K)
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Dean of Students Area
2014 (.pdf, 127K)
2012 (.pdf, 256K)
Former Division of Student Life
2009 (.pdf, 277K)
2008 (.pdf, 270K)
2007 (.htm, 51K)
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