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 For all Your IT needs.

The Helpdesk has been created to support staff, faculty, and students here on campus.

Our Helpdesk hours are:  9 am to 4 pm, M-F

We are located at Macmillan 119 and 109

The Helpdesk phone number is:  315-364-3417

The Helpdesk email is: (We encourage ALL users to submit requests via our e-mail address)




You can submit a support ticket via e-mail:
*Please be as descriptive as possible, mentioning specifics such as model numbers, operating systems, and clear descriptions of the issue. 

If you need to contact IT directly for an emergency, call the helpdesk line: 
To contact a member of the IT staff directly: 

IT Director
Dan Wentworth
Systems and User Support 
Michael Sawran
Justin Booras
Network Specialist / Email and Web Services
Andrew Warren
Administrative Database / Globe
Vacant Position

Phone Services / Cable TV / Administrative Database / Globe
Joseph Dyson
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