The College’s Vision and Strategic Plan for 2015-17 has been endorsed by the Board of Trustees at their October meeting. With this approval, an oversight and implementation committee will be organized and begin to assign responsibility, determine the appropriate timing and resources, and codify the measures of success and assessment plans. 

As you may recall, the Cabinet discussed the draft plan with faculty, staff, students, Trustees, and Village government and business leaders, and shared it with alumni via email. We considered the thoughtful feedback offered, and modified the plan accordingly. In addition, we received comments, feedback and suggestions that we will incorporate into our operations and/or day-to-day work, although they are not reflected directly in the strategic plan. By design, and of necessity, this short-term plan must be narrowly focused on those key strategies that will bring Wells immediate successes — even as they contribute to long-term health and vitality.

Thank you for your active participation in the development of the plan – your input and thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working across the campus community as we bring these ideas and goals to fruition.

President Jonathan Gibralter