With the Middle States Self-Study that took place over the past couple of years, the 2015-17 Strategic Plan was reviewed and extended to 2019. There were many action items on this plan that were either completed or now considered as “ongoing” work. A copy of this document can be found below as a reference to what was accomplished over a very short period of time.

As the self-study was completed, the Committee on Institutional Planning & Effectiveness (CIPE) then provided action items and assigned responsibilities related to the five institutional priority categories identified through that process to draft the 2020-2025 Wells College Strategic Plan. CIPE has worked with the campus community to further prioritize these items and the Board of Trustees has endorsed this document at their February 2020 meeting. You will notice the plan references three phases to coincide with our goals to help Wells College survive, become sustainable and ultimately thrive.

As we all work together, these goals can be accomplished. Thank you for your active participation in helping us attain these goals.

President Jonathan Gibralter