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Transportation Department Mission

The mission of the Wells College Transportation Department is to facilitate the academic and student life goals of the college by providing services that allow students to have curricular and co-curricular experiential learning opportunities while supporting a socially responsible campus community.

Transportation Priorities

The transportation services offered by Wells College are a student-based service. Other members of the Wells College community may utilize the services; however, the priority for transportation services are Wells College Students.
1. Student Transportation Services - These services include daily shuttle services, break transportation, academic-related travel, athletic team travel, and club/organization travel.
2. Wells College Faculty and Staff - Faculty and Staff members may utilize the transportation services that are scheduled for the students, or transportation that is being billed to a college account. No personal transportation services are available.
3. Guest/Visitors - Guests and visitors to Wells may utilize the transportation services that are scheduled for the students, or transportation that is being billed to a college account. No personal transportation services are available. Student guests must be accompanied by their host students at all times. Wells College students have first right to all transportation services; guests and visitors may be bumped from a scheduled run to provide a seat for a Wells Student.
The Transportation Department is located in the Campus Safety Office, in the Bellizonni Building. Alan Connors, our Transportation Assistant handle scheduling for the daily shuttles, break transportation, and all other transportation requests. Questions regarding transportation services offered to students may be addressed by e-mail to:
Please contact Alan Connors at 315-364-3321, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, for further assistance and information regarding the services we offer.
Thank you.
Students, Faculty, and Staff may utilize the transportation services free of charge. Individuals wish to ride a specific daily run or other schedule run must sign up on the appropriate sheet(s) at Campus Safety, or in the case of scheduled break transportation, through the Transportation Globe Page. 

   1. Individuals wishing to ride a specific run must provide their name, destination, and a valid cell phone number. No exceptions are permitted.
   2. Individuals are responsible for signing themselves up for the run they wish to use. 
   3. Student riders take priority over all others wishing to use a specific transportation service. There are no guarantees that space will be available for non-student riders.
Any student, faculty, and staff member wishing to use the transportation services must present the driver with their Wells College ID when requested.
   1. Student guests must present be accompanied by their host student and present their Guest Pass to the driver when requested.
   2. Other guests or visitors must present a valid ID to the driver when requested.


Mandatory Seat Belt Use

Wells College recognizes that seat belts are effective in preventing injuries and fatalities. We care about our students, faculty, and staff, and want to reduce the risk that, in the event of an accident, a passenger is injured or killed.
Therefore, all students, faculty, and staff of Wells College must wear seat belts when operating a college-owned vehicle or any vehicle on our premises or while on college business.
All occupants also are to wear seat belts or, where appropriate, child restraints when riding in a college-owned vehicle or in a personal vehicle being used for collegebusiness.
All students, faculty, staff, and their families are strongly encouraged to use seat belts or child restraints whenever they are driving or riding in any vehicle.

Passenger Conduct

All passengers utilizing any Wells College transportation services are expected to comply with any directions given by the driver, and will not conduct themselves in a manner which inhibits the drivers ability to safely operate the vehicle.
Important: Serious or repeated violations of the Transportation Policies may result in denial of service and/or referral to the College judicial system.
Please use the links below to submit your transportation requests. You may e-mail the Transportation Department at if you have any questions.
STUDENT TRANSPORTATION - Click this link if you are scheduling your transportation to or from Wells College during a scheduled break.
ACADEMICS/ATHELTICS/CLUBS/ORGANIZATIONS - Click this link if you are requesting transportation for any academic, athletic, club, or organization travel event.
CAMPUS SAFETY - (315) 364-3229 (On-Duty Officers)

If you have special needs or are unable to utilize the Wells College Transportation Services, the following transportation vendors are available to assist you!
Limo Services
Big D's Limo Service - Auburn, NY
Phone: 315-730-5931 E-mail:
Phone: 607-279-9027 E-mail:
Centro Bus Service - Auburn, NY - website @ or call at 315-685-7075

A.) Ithaca, New York
      Greyhound/Trailways Terminal - 10 West Martin Luther King Jr. Street - (607) 272-7930
      Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport - (607) 257-0456
B.)  Syracuse, New York
       William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center - 131 Alliance Bank Parkway - (315) 478-1936
        Syracuse Hancock International Airport -  1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd - (315) 454-3263
C.)  Rochester, New York
        Greater Rochester International Airport - 1200 Brooks Ave - (585-753-7000)

Transportation Times/Dates: End of Year. The times listed are the times the shuttle leaves Wells Campus.

ITHACA BUS/AIRPORT  - 7:30AM - 11:30AM  -  4:30PM
SYRACUSE BUS/AIRPORT - 7:30AM  -  11:30AM  -  3:30PM
ROCHESTER AIRPORT    7:30AM    -    2:30PM
Outbound - Thursday, May 8th, Friday, May 9th and Saturday, May 10th (ONE RUN ONLY ON SATURDAY AT 9:00AM)
12:00PM AND 5:00PM
 SATURDAY - MAY 17TH - 2:00PM AND 5:00PM - DEPART ONLY        


When you are making your travel plans for our scheduled breaks, please keep these tips in mind.
A.) We cannot offer custom transportation outside the established runs. If you have an emergency or other extenuating circumstances that requires a ride outside the scheduled times, you must come to Campus Safety and speak to Alan Connors or Dennis Fairchild.
B.) When you schedule your flight/bus/train, please try to match the time(s) as close as possible to our scheduled run times (found above). We do our best to accommodate everyone's request; this may entail you having to wait at the transportation center you are at for other students to arrive for the ride back to Wells. (We try to keep the wait less than two (2) hours, if possible).
C.) Please have your cell phone turned on, and your voicemail available so the drivers may contact you if there is an issue with your ride or when they have arrived at the transportation center. If we attempt to call you and your phone is off, or your voicemail box is full, you may miss your ride.
D.) The departure times shown on the globe are the times the Wells Shuttle leaves campus. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get to the Ithaca Bus or Ithaca Airport. It takes approximatgely 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the Syracuse Bus/Train or Syracuse Airport. It takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to the Rochester Airport. Please show up 10 to 15 minutes early for your scheduled ride.
E.) If you are running late, you are responsible for contacting Wells College Security or the Transportation Coordinator (Alan) as soon as possible to let them know.
F.) There may be delays because of weather/road conditions or other factors. If the van is more than 1/2 hour late to pick you up, Please call Campus Safety or Transportation.
G.) Once the transportation schedules have been finalized, we assign drivers, and unless there is an emergency, we cannot change pick up times. If you change your mind midway through a break and want to come back earlier or later, you will need to find alternative transportation.
H.) IMPORTANT! If you live in the Rochester or Syracuse area and just need to be dropped off for someone to pick you up, we cannot drop you off at either airport. You must go to the Bus Terminal in these cities. We have been advised by the Airport Police that we cannot drop off or pick up individuals who are not airport customers.
I.) Please call or stop in and see Alan, if you have any questions or concerns in planning your break transportation.