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Transportation Outline

The Wells College Transportation Department is dedicated to enriching the student experience outside of the main campus.  Whether it is transporting students to off campus classes, internships, bus stations and airports or immersing them in the fun activities that the Finger Lakes has to offer, we strive to provide these services in a timely and safe manner.  Below are the services that we currently provide.  We are always finding new ways to become more efficient and expand our services.  There are exciting new services being introduced this Fall 2018 semester. 

If you have cannot find the answers to your questions on the Globe please email,

Daily Ithaca Shuttle

This is a daily service that brings students to the Ithaca area for various amenities and entertainment.  Students interested in wanting to participate need to come to the Transportation Department located in Bellinzoni building.  In the entryway there is a log book that highlights the times and locations that this service will be active.  Students must fill out when they wish to leave Wells and when they wish to return.  Students that do not sign up for a return time and plan on staying in Ithaca overnight must annotate that on the form. 

Daily Ithaca Schedule.docx

Sunday "Fun day" Trips

Starting September 2018, Transportation will be offering Sunday trips to a varying amount of amazing locations throughout the Finger Lakes area and beyond.  Students can find more information and sign up for these trips under the “Sunday Fun Day” Section on the Globe.  Transportation will announce the activities for the entire month and students can sign up for activities a maximum of two weeks in advance and the cut off day for registration is the Thursday before the trip.

The driver and van will bring you to the primary location selected for that trip.  However, if the group decides that they would like to venture somewhere else in the trips immediate area, then the driver can bring the group anywhere they want to go.  

*Transportation is providing the travel free of charge and will only cover the cost of admittance to the location they are traveling to.

Weekly Auburn Runs

In addition to our daily Ithaca runs, Wells Transportation will bring students to Auburn on a weekly basis on Mondays. The students can pick any destination in Auburn they need to go. The van driver will bring you there and wait while you shop or conduct your business and then bring you back to campus. To sign up for the shuttle, come to the Bellazoni building in the front foyer and place your name on the list. The shuttle leaves at 5:00pm. 

Off Campus Classes/Internships

Transportation is dedicated to supporting student academia.  Transportation will bring you to and from off campus classes and internships.  In order to qualify for this service students MUST:

  1. Confirm your class with Registrar or your internship with Linda Galbato.
  2. Registrar will notify Transportation that you are authorized to use the service.
  3. Bring a copy of ALL class schedules or internships to the Transportation Department to schedule your trips for the semester.

Break Transportation

Transportation will ensure that if you do not have the ability to get to and from campus for a scheduled break, that we will provide that for you.  Transportation will bring students at set times and dates to Syracuse, Rochester and Ithaca airports and bus stations before and after breaks.

Please see the “Scheduled Break Transportation” section for all of the details on the upcoming break and how to sign up. 


Faculty, Staff, student clubs and organizations may utilize transportation services to enhance academic/organizational experiences.  Transportation can provide vans and drivers to bring you wherever you need to go.  Whether it is a class trip to a State Park, Alternative Spring Break or a club that want’s to attend a conference, we will get you there. 

There is a $0.54 per mile charge for the van and a flat $10.00 charge for a driver if necessary. 


Follow this link to request a van/driver

The Transportation Department is located in the Campus Safety Office, in the Bellizonni Building. Raymond Lupo, our Transportation Coordinator,handles the scheduling for the daily shuttles, break transportation, and all other transportation requests. Questions regarding transportation services offered to students may be addressed by e-mail to:
Please Raymond Lupo at 315-364-3321, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 3:30 pm, for further assistance and information regarding the services we offer. After the hours of 8:30am and 3:30PM, please contact Campus Safety at 315-364-3229 for questions pertaining to Transportation.

Upcoming Fun Day

Sunday Fundays will return in the Fall Semester.  Check back here in August to see our planned activities.

Future Fun Days



2019 - Fall Semester Arrival information

Please follow the link below to request transportation services.  When completing the form, please select the location, date and time from the list below, that you would like to be picked up.  The locations, dates and times are limited to those listed below:

Arrival Dates For RA's, Athletes, New Students, Orientation Leaders and Returning Students.

RA'S: August 15th

Men and Women's Soccer Team's: August 16th

Orientation Leaders: August 17th

Field Hockey and Women's Volley Ball Team's: August 18th

International Students: August 19th

New Student's: August 22nd

Returning Student: August 25th

The following times are when the shuttle leaves Wells College for Arrivals

Ithaca Bus/Airport, Syracuse Bus/Airport, Rochester Airport

7:30am, 11:30am, 4:30pm & 7:30pm

 Please schedule your Departure/Return to these locations as close to the departure time of the shuttle.  The shuttle will not be waiting at the airport/bus station for arrivals.  It will pick up students that are already at the location and then leave.  Consider the travel time for the shuttles. It takes approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to reach either Rochester or Syracuse from the time the shuttle departs campus. Make your request reasonable. Example: For the last shuttle of the day (7:30pm) the arrival time in Rochester or Syracuse will be approximately 8:45pm. You should fly into the airports no later than 9pm. Anything later than that, you must contact Transportation and gain permission BEFORE you buy your ticket.

A ticket bought before you contact Transportation will NOT guarantee transportation to the college at which time you will be responsible for getting yourself back to campus.

Request Fall Semester Transportation


**Any Transportation request outside of the posted dates and times will be denied.  Failure to schedule transportation by the deadline, or showing up without a reservation will result in a fine and/or suspension of transportation services for the rest of the semester!** 

OurBus Scheduled Trips

Our Bus Schedule:  New information will be coming soon.



Future Break Transportation

Rochester Aiport, Syracuse Bus/Aiport and Ithaca Bus/Airport shuttles leave Wells at: 7:30am, 11:30am, 4:30pm, 7:30pm for all breaks

Fall Break: Saturday-Tuesday, October 5th - 8th. Transportation request fulfilled  after 3 pm on Thursday the 3rd.  No request for returning transportation past Tuesday the 8th will be  accepted.

Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday-Sunday, November 27th-December 1st. Transportation request fulfilled after 3 pm on Monday the 25th. No request for returning Transportation past Sunday the 27th will be accepted. There will be no Thanksgiving Day Transportation.

Semester Break: Saturday, December 14th @ noon begins the break. Transportation request fulfilled after 3 pm on Thursday the 12th.

The Transportation Department is not allowed to accommodate request for early departure for any scheduled breaks or request for any arrivals after classes begin after the break ends.


A.) Ithaca, New York
Greyhound/Trailways Terminal - 10 West Martin Luther King Jr. Street - (607) 272-7930
Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport - (607) 257-0456

B.) Syracuse, New York
William F. Walsh Regional Transportation Center (Train & Bus) - 131 Alliance Bank Parkway - (315) 478-1936
Syracuse Hancock International Airport - 1000 Col Eileen Collins Blvd - (315) 454-3263

C.) Rochester, New York
Greater Rochester International Airport - 1200 Brooks Ave - (585-753-7000)

Transportation to & from NYC
Wells College has partnered with OurBus.  OurBus will pick up and drop students off right on campus, eliminating the need for students to go to Ithaca.  To arrange transportation through OurBus please follow this link: