Collegiate Cabinet Officers 2021-2022

Chelsey Jewett, President 

Adonis Douglas, Vice President 

Scarlett Lonsky, Treasurer 

Morgan Adams, Treasurer Elect 

Eh Tha Wooi Lee, Secretary 

Byonte Jones,  Elections Manager 

Kathy Aparicio - Community Court Chair

Advisor: John Bennett, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Class Officers 2021-2022


Class of 2022: 

President: Anthony Westmiller 

Vice President: Sweetriti Subba

Secretary: Nikki Michaud 


Class of 2023:

President: Sabrina Burns 

Vice President: Rosemary Byington

Treasurer: Hailey McLaughlin


Class of 2024: 

President: Elizabeth Purcell

Vice President: Grace Kahn

Treasurer: Olson


Class of 2025:

President: Artemis Divine 

Vice President: Olive Blair

Secretary: Madison Heartwell-Jewel

Treasurer: Cristal DeLeon 


Student- Faculty- Administration Board (SFA)



Community Court




Elections Committee



Campus Improvement Committee



Let's Eat Dining Hall Committee



Health Center Committee  


  Information Technology Committee



Transportation and Security Committee


Constitutional Review Committee (CRC)



Traditions Committee



Faculty Committees


Educational Policy Committee



Curriculum Committee



Collegiate Trustees



Student Affairs Committee




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There is no content in this portlet.

Collegiate Constitution

Current Documents

The Student Handbook (replacing the former Community Handbook) is a compendium of policies, resources, and information that apply to the student experience at Wells College.  Students are expected to follow the requirements of college policies as defined in the Student Handbook.  Questions about information contained in the Student Handbook should be addressed to the office of the dean of students, Macmillan Hall, room 210, telephone 315-364-3311.  

(.pdf, 1224K)

Past Community Handbooks

You an review the PDF attached or visit for information on the Wells College Sexual Misconduct Policy.
(.pdf, 237K)
This Version of the handbook is out of date. Please reference the updated post.
(.pdf, 1178K)
This Version of the handbook is out of date. Please reference the updated post.
(.pdf, 1274K)
This is the most current vision of the Wells College Community Handbook. Updated October 2014.
(.pdf, 596K)

Useful Forms for Clubs and Orgs

Please use this form to register your fundraising events for Wells College.  Please download and complete this form three weeks prior to your event.  Large scale fundraisers may require more time.  This form should be used if you are raising money for your club, sport, class or organization OR if you are raising money for a donation to an outside organization.  The completed form should be returned to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Updated 2-21-12
(.docx, 41K)


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Place your order but DO NOT HIT SUBMIT.  Print your order form and take it to Party Time in Auburn or bring it to the Office of Campus Involvement. Wells College receives a 15% discount by ordering this way from Oriental Trading.  Orders must be placed at least 4 weeks in advance to ensure that your items are here in time for your event.

Stores with Tax Exemption on File

Here is a list of local stores that have Wells College Tax Exemption on file. Tell them at check out that your items are for Wells College and taxes should not be charged. Please understand that this is only for items that will be used specifically for a Wells College event or group.  This is not for personal shopping use. It is advised to check out at Customer Service instead of in the regular line.