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Collegiate Cabinet Officers 2013 – 2014

Pamela Badian-Pessot '14, President

Valerie Provenza '14, Vice President 

Victoria Williams '14, Community Court Chair

Marina Fargnoli '15, Treasurer 

Victoria Candida '16, Secretary 

Molly Heslin '14, Senior Elections Manager

Advisors: Jennifer Michael, Dean of Students and John Robert O'Connor, Director of Student Activities and Leadership


2013 – 2014 Class Officers (CoCo)

Class of 2014

Ethan Beardsley, President

Hillary O'Grady, Vice President

Jes Lyons, Secretary

Britta Kilbourn, Treasurer   


Class of 2015

Lindsey Guzewicz, President

Emily Middlebrook, Vice President

Danielle Williams, Secretary

Brad Murray, Treasurer


Class of 2016

Molly Woods, President

Bri'Anna Horne, Vice President

Nina Daniels, Secretary

Amber Jordan, Treasurer


Class of 2017

Aviv Hilbig- Bokaer, President

Jesse Sumner, Vice President

Amber Bek, Secretary

Alyssa Broome, Treasurer


Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Coordinator of Residential Programming

Student- Faculty- Administration Board (SFA)

Pamela Badian-Pessot, Collegiate President

Valerie Provenza, Collegiate Vice President

Andrew Judson '15

Tyler Fischetti '15

Zach Tripsas '16

Lyndsey Wells '16 

Cindy Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College 

Jennifer Michael, Dean of Students

Faculty Members: Deb Gagnon, Chris Bailey, Kristy Blake


Community Court

Victoria Williams '14, Chair

Brad Murray '15, Assistant Chair

Rebekah Kosier '14

Giavarna Faison '14

Becky Rose '14

Emily Middlebrook '15 

TBA '15

Lindsay Achzet '16

Abena Poku '16

Nina Daniels '16 

Faculty: Sara Levy, Muin Uddin, Tom Stiadle

Staff: Penny Sutterby


Appeals Board

Fahad Rahmat '14

Britta Kilbourn '14

TBA '15

Charlie Naula '15 

Cindy Speaker, Provost

Faculty, Dan Renfrow, Greg Moore and Bruce Bennett



Elections Committee

Molly Heslin, Senior Elections Manager

Junior Elections Manager

Ethan Beardsley '14

Andrew Judson '15 

TBA '15 

Melissa Brewer '16

Zach Tripsas '16

Leslie Green '17

Sakiel Harrison '17

Advisor: John O’Connor, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Housing Committee

Ethan Beardsley '14

Ross Conlon '14

Tyler Bischoff '15 

Paul Hernon '15

Lyndsey Wells '16

Windy Wells '16

Molly Desmond '17

Sakiel Harrison '17 

Advisor: Connie Gardner


Dining Hall Committee

Kristen Ryan '14

Stephanie Leung '14 

Modupe Poku '15

Allison Martin '15

Jack Bjorkander '16

Clare Harwood '16

Sakiel Harrison '17

Erin Hampson '17

Advisor: Jessica Stanton


Health Center Committee

Britta Kilbourn '14

Melissa Cady '15

Lexi Roberson '16

Nicholas Simons '17


Denny Fairchild, Director of Campus Safety 

Advisor: Daiske-Head Athletic Trainer


Publications Board

Molly Baillargeon '14, Chair

Abena Poku, Treasurer

Alaina Kelahan and Tim Frazierr, Cardinal Editors

Allison Martin, Chronicle  Editor

Julie Huang, Sycamore  Editor

Faculty: Dan Renfrow

Advisor: John O'Connor, Director of Student Activities & Leadership

Information Technology Committee

Ross Conlon '14

Matthew Getch '15

Kylie Nishioka '16

Tyler Francis '17

Victoria Candida (Collegiate Secretary)

Advisor: Dan Wentworth, Director of IT 


Transportation and Security Committee

Honey Bashir '14

Tyler Fischetti '15

Ariel Adams '16

Fahad Rahmat, Off Campus/Non-Traditional Representative

Faculty: Lauren O'Neil & Susan Talbot

Staff:   Kit Van Orman

Advisor: Denny Fairchild

Constitutional Review Committee (CRC)

Valerie Provenza, Collegiate Vice President and CRC Chair

Victoria Williams, Community Court Chair

Pamela Badian-Pessot, Collegiate President

Molly Heslin, Senior Elections Manager

(Junior Elections Manager)

Brad Murray, Assistant Community Court Chair

Ethan Beardsley

Britta Kilbourn

Chandler Fitzgerald

Ian Carty

Advisor: Dean Jenn Michael


Traditions Committee

Victoria Candida, Collegiate Secretary and Traditions Committee Chair

Britta Kilbourn '14

Rebekkah McKalsen '14

Brad Murray '15

Julia Knecht '15

Amber Jordan '16

Zachary Tripsas '16

Alyssa Broome '17

Morgan Knapp '17 

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Coordinator of Residential Programming & John O’Connor, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Student Committee for Inclusion and Intercultural Excellence (SCIIE)

Rebekah Kosier '14

TBA '15

Melanie Peck '16

Andrew Gorga '17 

Advisor: Elsie Torres, Hailey Uribe   


Faculty Committees


Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid 

Shane Puskar '14 

Cody Primmer '15 

Faculty: Richard Loosemore, Jeannie Goddard, Katie Waugh 


Educational Policy Committee

Provost Cindy Speaker, Chair

Professor Ted Lossowski, Arts

Professor Linda Lohn, Humanities

Professor Lauren O'Neil, Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Susan Tabrizi, Social Sciences

Shane Puskar ’14, Student Representative


Curriculum Committee

Provost Cindy Speaker, Chair

Professor Siouxsie Easter (ARTS)

Professor CJ Koepp (HUM)

Professor Jackie Schnurr (NMS)

Professor Laura McClusky (SOCSCI)

Brad Murrary ’15, Student Representative


Collegiate Trustees

Kevin Wilson '12 

Brenna Toomey '13 


Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees

Jes Lyons '14

Andrew Judson '15

Bri'Anna Horne '16

Advisor: Jenn Michael, Dean of Students



Useful Forms for Clubs and Orgs
Fundraising and Solicitation Policy (.docx, 15K)
Fundraising Request Form (.docx, 41K)
Please use this form to register your fundraising events for Wells College.  Please download and complete this form three weeks prior to your event.  Large scale fundraisers may require more time.  This form should be used if you are raising money for your club, sport, class or organization OR if you are raising money for a donation to an outside organization.  The completed form should be returned to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Updated 2-21-12
Trial Club Form (, 43K)
Treasurer's Roundtable Presentation 2012 (.pptx, 2027K)
Treasurers Manual spring 2012 (.doc, 28K)
Collegiate Budget Request Spring 2012 (.doc, 44K)
Collegiate Grievance Form 2014 (.doc, 27K)
Collegiate Constitution 11.2013 (.pdf, 135K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.