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Collegiate Cabinet Officers 2018 – 2019

Bentley Gordon, President -

Bellina Mushala, Vice President -

Destiny Rivera, Community Court Chair -

Ally Collins, Treasurer -

Dana Grover, Junior Treasurer -

Kara Reynolds, Secretary -

Aaliyah McNair,  Elections Manager -

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


2018 – 2019 Class Officers 


 Class of 2019

Charles Iwuoha, President

Mariah Tobias, Vice President

Shelby Talbot, Treasurer

Brandon Jackson, Secretary

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Class of 2020

Amanda Anderson, President

Jahaira Polanco, Vice President

Josh Undari, Treasurer

Savannah Connors, Secretary 

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Class of 2021

Aliah Gilkes, President

Aaron Connolly, Vice President

Keyaira Doggett, Secretary

Mollie Walts, Treasurer 

Advisor: Angela Guzman, Residence Hall Director


Class of 2022

Adonis Douglas, President

Jazzmyne Williams, Vice President

Rebekah Edwards, Treasurer

Jenna Watson Secretary

Advisor: Angela Guzman, Residence Hall Director


Student- Faculty- Administration Board (SFA)

Bentley Gordon, President 

Bellina Mushala, Vice President

Amanda Anderson

Cindy Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College 

Dean of Students

Faculty Members: TBD


Community Court

Destiny Rivera,  Chair

Abigail Gilson, Shannon Simmons, Courtney Good, Mackenzie Porter, Antonio Oliveri, Catherine Cianfarano, Isaac Thomas, Lacey Lattin, Doug Whaley, Shilpashri Karbhari, Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo


Appeals Board

 Jahaira Polanco

Anthony Hunter

Abigial Rundle

Cindy Speaker, Provost

Faculty, Dan Renfrow


Publications Board

Darielis Rivas, Chair & Treasurer

Faculty: Dan Rosenberg

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Director of Student Activities & Leadership



Elections Committee

Aaliyah McNair, Elections Manager 

Yashaley Acosta, Trysten McLaughlin, Zoey Thebodo, Elizabeth Acheampong


Campus Improvement Committee

Shannon McMann, Erin Persons, Darius Sumler, Iakonhnhiio Cook

Advisor: Emily Burt, Director of Residence Life


Let's Eat Dining Hall Committee

Matthew LaFrance, Annie Vargas, Daniela Castro, Chris Marcellus

Advisor: Emily Burt, Director of Residence Life


Health Center Committee  

Kaitlin Antoine, Jhorleny Familia de La Cruz, Keyaira Doggett, Sam Harris

Advisor:  Dean of Students


Information Technology Committee

 Kara Reynolds (Collegiate Secretary), Ross Cobb, Gavin Davis, Ahmad Ellis, Tiffany Miner

Advisor: Dan Wentworth, Director of IT 


Transportation and Security Committee

Ian Georgiev, Ross Cobb, Keanna Adams, Sam Harris 

Advisor: Anthony Pluretti, Director of Campus Safety

Constitutional Review Committee (CRC)

Bellina Mushala Collegiate Vice President and CRC Chair

Destiny Rivera, Community Court Chair

Caitlyn Lawrence, Bradlee Sherman

Advisor: Dean of Students


Traditions Committee

Kara Reynolds, Collegiate Secretary and Traditions Committee Chair

Ally Collins, Collegiate Treasurer, Dana Grover, Treasurer Elect, Breanna Adams, Aliah Gilkes-Richardson, Lauren Schraft, Chloe Brosemer

Advisor: Hailey Uribe, Director of Student Activities & Leadership


Student Committee for Inclusion and Intercultural Excellence (SCIIE)

Telijahia Warren, Catherine Cianfarano, Karla Santos, Jahaira Polanco

Advisor: Latesha Fussell, Director of Diversity & Inclusion


Faculty Committees


Educational Policy Committee

Adrianna Tarelton

Provost Cindy Speaker

Professor Katie Waugh (Chair), Arts & Humanities

Professor Desmond Cummins, Natural and Mathematical Sciences

Professor Laura McClusky, Social Sciences


Curriculum Committee

Shannon McMann

Provost Cindy Speaker, Chair

Professor Michael Groth (Arts & Humanities)

Professor Scott Heinkamp (Natural & Mathematical Sciences)

Professor Deb Gagnon (Social Sciences) 

Paul Applebee (Registrar and Director of Institutional Research)


Collegiate Trustees

Erin Vallely

Kamarie Maturine


Student Affairs Committee

Kara Reynolds, Julia Smith

Advisor: Dean of Students



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Collegiate Constitution
Collegiate Constitution 2019 (.pdf, 282K)
2016-2017 Student Assembly Minutes
Sept 1, 2016 (.docx, 14K)
Sept 15, 2016 (.docx, 20K)
November 10, 2016 (.docx, 13K)
Nov 17, 2016 Student Assembly Minutes (.docx, 6K)
January 26, 2017 (.docx, 14K)
Student Assembly Minutes March 23, 2017 (.docx, 7K)
2015-2016 Minutes
September 10, 2015 (.pdf, 81K)
Student Assembly Minutes September 24, 2015 (.pdf, 63K)
Student Assembly Minutes Nov 5, 2015 (.docx, 93K)
Student Assembly Minutes Nov 19, 2015 (.docx, 109K)
Student Assembly Minutes Dec 3, 2015 (.docx, 94K)
Student Assembly Minutes Oct 8, 2015 (.pdf, 44K)
2014-2015 Minutes
2014-2015 Student Assembly Minutes
9-11-14 Minutes (.docx, 67K)
Minutes from the 9/11/14 Student Assembly Meeting
Student Assembly Minutes 10-9-14 (.docx, 108K)
Restroom Access Statement (.docx, 13K)
Presented at the October 9th Student Assembly Meeting
Updated Non Discrimination Policy (.docx, 14K)
Presented at the October 9th Meeting
Student Assembly Minutes 10-23-14 (.docx, 81K)
Student Assembly Minutes 11-6-2014 (.docx, 108K)
Student Assembly Minutes 11-20-14 (.docx, 16K)
Student Assembly Minutes 12-5-2014 (.docx, 75K)
Umoja Grievance (.pptx, 127K)
Presented at the 12-5-14 meeting
Drama Club Presentation (.pptx, 1877K)
Drama Club presentation from the 12-4-14 Meeting for Trial Clubs
Awards Information (.pdf, 17K)
Awards Information!
2013-2014 Minutes and Documents
Rep Council Minutes 9-11-13 (.docx, 17K)
Collegiate Goals (.pptx, 71K)
CRC Changes Fall 2013 (.pptx, 120K)
Collegiate Constitution 11.2013 (.pdf, 135K)
2012-2013 Minutes
Fall 2012 CRC Changes (.doc, 41K)
11-29 Minutes (.docx, 19K)
11-15 Minutes (.doc, 25K)
11-1 Minutes (.doc, 37K)
10-18 Minutes (.doc, 35K)
2011-2012 Minutes
9/20 Minutes (.doc, 36K)
10-4 Minutes (.doc, 25K)
10-18 Minutes (.doc, 31K)
11-1 Minutes (.docx, 13K)
CRC powerpoint (.pptx, 1590K)
11-29 Minutes (.docx, 15K)
Collegiate Cabinet Presentation (.pptx, 271K)
2-9 Minutes (.doc, 36K)
2-23 Rep Council Minutes (.doc, 31K)
3-29 Rep Council Minutes (.doc, 27K)
5-10 Minutes (.doc, 25K)
Collegiate Constitution Proposed Changes (.pptx, 268K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Current Documents
2019-2020 Student Handbook (.pdf, 1224K)

The Student Handbook (replacing the former Community Handbook) is a compendium of policies, resources, and information that apply to the student experience at Wells College.  Students are expected to follow the requirements of college policies as defined in the Student Handbook.  Questions about information contained in the Student Handbook should be addressed to the office of the dean of students, Macmillan Hall, room 210, telephone 315-364-3311.  

2017-2018 Sexual Misconduct Policy (.pdf, 689K)
Past Community Handbooks
SEXUAL MISCONDUCT POLICY 2014-2015 (.pdf, 237K)
You an review the PDF attached or visit for information on the Wells College Sexual Misconduct Policy.
2015-2016 Sexual Misconduct Policy (.pdf, 226K)
2013-2014 Community Handbook (.pdf, 1178K)
This Version of the handbook is out of date. Please reference the updated post.
2014-2015 Community Handbook (.pdf, 1274K)
This Version of the handbook is out of date. Please reference the updated post.
Community Handbook 2014-2015 (.pdf, 596K)
This is the most current vision of the Wells College Community Handbook. Updated October 2014.
2015-2016 CommunityHandbook (.pdf, 1318K)
2018-2019 Community Handbook (.pdf, 2890K)
2018-2019 Community Handbook (.pdf, 1612K)
2017-2018 Community Handbook (.pdf, 1531K)
2018-2019 Community Handbook (.pdf, 1612K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Useful Forms for Clubs and Orgs
Fundraising and Solicitation Policy (.docx, 15K)
Fundraising Request Form (.docx, 41K)
Please use this form to register your fundraising events for Wells College.  Please download and complete this form three weeks prior to your event.  Large scale fundraisers may require more time.  This form should be used if you are raising money for your club, sport, class or organization OR if you are raising money for a donation to an outside organization.  The completed form should be returned to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Updated 2-21-12
Trial Club Form (, 43K)
Treasurer's Roundtable Presentation 2012 (.pptx, 2027K)
Treasurers Manual spring 2012 (.doc, 28K)
Collegiate Budget Request Spring 2012 (.doc, 44K)
Collegiate Grievance Form 2014 (.doc, 27K)
Collegiate Constitution 11.2013 (.pdf, 135K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
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