Student Employment Positions 2019-2020

Directions for Applying for a Student Employment Position

Go to the Employment page of the Wells College Website and click on the "Student Positions" tab to view the open positions.

If you have worked on campus before:

Click on Returning Students Apply Here link which will take you to ADP.

Sign in using your time/attendance account information from last year.

If you want to see all positions available, once in the ADP system, click on the tab at the top that says MYSELF. Then select TALENT. Then select CAREER CENTER.

*If your supervisor has asked you back from last year, you still must apply through the system again to re-activate your account.

*If you have forgotten your password, select forgot password. After three incorrect tries you will be locked out. Only David Salico in the business office can reset your password. E-mail if you get locked out.

If you have NOT worked on campus before:

Click on the New Students Apply here (even if you are not a new Wells student) link which will take you to ADP, the College's employee portal.

You will create a new account (make sure to write down your username and password in a secure place) and follow the onscreen directions.

Apply for as many positions as you wish.

Remember to bring to campus your identification documents required to complete the I-9 form. You can see the I-9 form by clicking on the link on the lower right side of this page.

Tips for all students:

  1. Apply for as many jobs as you like.
  2. If you are returning to the same position you had last year, YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-APPLY.
  3. Be patient. Much of the hiring process does not take place until late August when everyone is back on campus.
  4. If you plan to change jobs from last year, please let your former supervisor know.



Online Time Clock- Check In and Out

Click on the ADP icon above to access the online Time and Attendance feature for clocking in and out of your student employment position. 


Student Employment Forms

Quick reference guide in hiring procedures for students who are seeking employment through work study.
(.pdf, 91K)

Student Employment

This handbook outlines the responsibilities supervisors have with regards to student employees. Hiring, discipline, and termination procedures are outlined.
(.pdf, 989K)