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To have your event added to the Wells Weekly please ensure that your event space is reserved in Ad Astra


Check out the Campus Wide Event Calendar!

Any public reservation made through Ad Astra will appear here. 

Student Activities Team:

 John Bennett
Director of Student Activities & Orientation
Sommer Office Suites, Smith Hall

Club Event Worksheets

Is your club, class year, or committee hosting an event or need money? Clubs must fill out the Student Club/Organization Funding Request Form and submit at least 2-4 weeks prior to event date. Blank forms can be obtained in the Commuter Lounge of Sommer or the Director of Student Activities & Orientation's Office.  
Student Club/Organization Funding Request Form
  • Collegiate Treasurers and the Director of Student Activities review funding requests once a week.
    Clubs will be notified by the end of the week via their Wells email if their funding request has been approved and of the approval amount.
  • Once your funding request is approved or denied, you can begin to make plans and purchases for your event.  

Any questions about Student Club/Organization Funding Request Forms  can directed to Collegiate Treasurers or Director of Student Activities & Leadership. 

Stores with Tax Exempt Status

Here is a list of local stores that have Wells College Tax Exemption on file. Tell them at check out that your items are for Wells College and taxes should not be charged. Please understand that this is only for items that will be used specifically for a Wells College event or group.  This is not for personal shopping use. It is advised to check out at Customer Service instead of in the regular line.

Student Activities has a Prime tax exempt account. To order from there please see Hailey Uribe. 


For Clothing and More click on these links.

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New Club Proposals and Roster Forms

Interested in Starting a New Club?
It's easy as 1-2-3!
1.Simply click on the links below
2. Fill out the Google Docs
3. Submit it!
You must get approval from Student Activities and Leadership before getting your club approved through Collegiate.  
Be sure to fill out the New Student Organization Proposal form and a Student Organization Roster form and click submit at the bottom! 
If you have any questions about the procedure please contact John Bennett, Director of Student Activities & Orientation at jbennett@wells.edu or stop by Sommer Office Suite in Smith Hall.  

Student Clubs and Organizations



  • Bell Ringers 
  • Black Student Union
  • Campus Greens, environmental group 
  • Cardinal Yearbook Club
  • Chronicle, literary publication 
  • Collegiate Cabinet
  • Dance Collective
  • Gaming Club 
  • Henry's VIII, a capella group 
  • Japanese Culture Club    
  • Wells PRIDE
  • Sugar High, baking club   
  • Wells College Drama Club 
  • Wells College Gaming Club 
  • Women's Evenline
  • Women's Oddline
  • Gender Equity Center


Have a club or organization that isn't listed here?  You need to turn your roster into the Office of Student Activities and Leadership to register your group.


Club and Org Forms

Complete this form and submit it to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership at least three weeks prior to the start of your fundraiser, although for large scale fundraising events, more time may be necessary. You can also email this form to studentactivities@wells.edu. Updated 11-6-2012
(.docx, 44K)
Clubs with advisors must have their advisor sign and submit this form to Student Activities to acknowledge that they are indeed the advisor of said organization. 
(.pdf, 206K)

Alcohol may not be served at events hosted by recognized Wells College student groups, clubs, and organizations. However, on rare occasions exemptions to this policy may be approved by the Dean of Students, Student Activities, and Campus Safety. This form should be filled out at least three weeks before event is planned. Updated Aug. 2018

(.pdf, 89K)