All faculty, staff and student vehicles must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety, which will issue a parking permit that serves as a means of identifying cars that have been properly registered. Parking permits must be current and must be attached on driver’s side rear window. Vehicles without parking stickers or temporary permits are not permitted on campus.

A parking permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only the opportunity to park within the specified area or areas. Parking permits are only valid for the academic year indicated on the permit; a new parking permit must be purchased each year. Current pricing for the 2024-2025 year is $40/year for residential students. Permits are valid for the full academic year.

Purchase a Vehicle Registration Permit

Employees and commuter students (including Fairlane residents) are provided a parking permit and must visit Campus Safety to register your vehicle.

More information on parking regulations, including potential fines, can be found in our Student Handbook.