Campus Safety understands that not everyone wants to report incidents in person.  It is important that the college is aware of incidents that occur in our community.  If you do not wish to speak with someone to report an incident then please use one of the forms below to report an incident. 

Please understand that under certain circumstances, the College may have an obligation to act upon the information you provide even if you request that the College take no action beyond recording the incident. For example, the College will need to investigate situations that may threaten the safety or anyone mentioned in this form or the Wells College community. Alternatively, please understand that if you do not complete the form fully (or if you request anonymity), the College may be limited in its ability to take action, even if you would like the College to do so.

If you need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE call Campus Safety directly at 315-364-3229 or 911. This form generates a report that is normally reviewed during business hours and should not be used if you need an immediate response.

To report an incident (non-emergency/immediate) on-line, please visit our Campus Safety web page for reporting options.