It is the policy of the Community Medical Center to review submitted Health Reports for compliance with NYSDOH, Public Health Law 125, as it pertains to post-secondary institutions. The report includes a Health History, an Authorization Form (consent to provide medical services to anyone under 18 years old must have parent or guardian signature), home physician information, Immunization Record, the Meningococcal Vaccine Information Sheet (to be signed by parent or adult student) and a Physical Examination Form. All students received these forms in the Enrollment Handbook.

If these forms are not received it could result in a students dismissal from the College - including all sports or other campus activities and housing. NYS resident students must comply with proof of immunization or exemption within 30 days, or 45 days for out-of-state or foreign resident students. Wells College is obligated to dismiss non-compliant students under state law. Proof of immunization or exemption will be required for readmission to Wells College.