Welcome to Wells College Telecommunications!!

On Campus Resident Halls have phones available for your use.
Local, Regional, long distance and international calls will require a pre-paid phone card or a calling card with a toll free (800/888) access number. Phone cards can be purchased from area stores and many web sites.

Every residence hall room has the capability of having a telephone line on the Wells Telephone System. However, students that have cellular phones typically use their cell phones for all their telephone needs.

If you feel you need a college phone line in your room - There is a fee to activate a phone number assigned to your room, please see Telephone Plans & Pricing.  Email with your name, building and room number and Indicate what service you would like to order. Pre-payment is needed to install service in your room. You must provide your own analog telephone.

Receiving calls and dialing on-campus numbers are free. You will only need to dial 4 digits for campus numbers.

Wells does not provide any support for Internet capable phone services, and we do not guarantee they will work on the campus network.

How can I use the campus phones - Dialing Instructions?

Campus calls - free

To make a campus call: Dial the 4 digit extension number

Calling Card Calls - fees are based on your card

Dial 8 & follow the 800 # instructions on card

Where can I send or receive a fax?

Fax services are available at the Campus Bookstore. To inquire about the cost, email the Bookshop at

Cellular Service Info

The College does not have a contractual agreement with any cellular carriers.