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Housing Preference Form

Please Identify Yourself

Incoming First-Year Student


Incoming Transfer Student


Readmitted Student





Housing Information

I do not intend to live on campus. I have completed the Housing Exemption Request Form. (Students must meet certain criteria in order to live off-campus. Criteria include being 22 years of age or older by September 1, 2014, married or have a domestic partner, will commute and live with their legal guardian/parent, or meet a medical need. Please see the form for more information.)

I am interested in a single room. (Please note that single rooms are an additional $500 each semester. By checking this box, I agree to

the additional charge, if placed in a single).

I am interested in living on the Healthy Lifestyles Floor (Healthy Lifestyle Floor is on the 4th floor of Main Buidling, and all residents of that floor must sign an agreement stating they will abstain from alcohol and drugs while on that floor, in addtiion to a focus on wellness and academic success.)

I have a medical accommodation and need housing accommodations. I have completed the Medical

Accommodation Request Form (Please see the form for specific information needed in order to receive accommodations, which includes recent documentation from a medical professional.)

I have a roommate request, and that person is: .

(Requests must be mutual, and be an incoming Wells College student)

Roommate Compatibility Questionnaire

Please answer the following questions honestly and as completely as possible in order to assist us in making a compatible roommate match. Answers will be kept confidential.

Are you a smoker (please note that the Wells College is a smoke-free campus)?


Do you mind living with someone who smokes?


How do you like the cleanliness of your room?

When studying, how do you feel about noise and background music?

In general, are you a morning person or a night person?


I would like to use my room for:

What room temperature do you prefer?

What extracurriculars and sports do you want to be involved in at Wells?

Is there anything else you would like a potential roommate to know, or anything you would like the Office of Residence Life to be aware of in regards to your room assignment?

Housing Preferences

Please indicate on a scale of 1 (highest) through 4 (lowest) your housing preference. Additional information about each of our Residence Halls can be found on the Students tab, then Residence Life.

Residence Hall Preference

Rank 4 3 2 1

Main Building (Healthy Lifestyle floor on 4th floor, co-ed; 2nd and 3rd open to transfer students, co-ed)

Dodge House (Dodge North open to first-yeat students, co-ed; Dodge South for transfer students, co-ed)

Weld House (open to transfer students, co-edu)

Leach House (open to first-year students, 1st and 3rd floor female, 2nd floor male)


Students will be housed based on the date the Housing Preference Form is submitted. All incoming students will be notified of their Room Assignment mid-July via their preferred email. The email will also include roommate information, if applicable. If there are any questions about housing or the process, please contact the Office of Residence Life at, or 315-364-3313.