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Wells College Writing Center         Ruth Hagedorn Learning Commons                      Long Library, 2nd Floor           

Procedures have changed due to Covid-19

To sign up for a tutoring session:

  • Email your assignment sheet and draft to
  • Be prepared to share notes and/or earlier drafts
  • Have a complete list of sources used in your assignment
  • Share any questions, comments or concerns that might aide the tutor in assisting you
  • Any comments about your writing from your instructor

What you can expect from a tutoring session:

  • An encouraging and supportive resource to develop your writing
  • Someone to respond to your writing with questions
  • Someone to take your thinking and writing seriously
  • Getting started, planning, outlining, revising

You can get assistance with:

  • Understanding the assignment
  • Writing with audience and purpose in mind
  • Topic selection and narrowing
  • Focusing a thesis
  • Choosing credible source material
  • Integrating source material
  • Using academic citation styles such as APA, MLA, Chicago
  • Developing logical structure
  • Recognizing and resolving sentence-level problems
  • Crafting flow, transitions and style
  • Choosing appropriate words
  • Developing presentations

We will not or are not able to:

  • Fix the paper
  • Merely proofread or copy edit
  • Be experts in the content area of your paper
  • Be very helpful in last-minute situations

We are here to support and empower you as a writer!

Contact Information

The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons, Long Library, 2nd floor 
Elizabeth Rivera, MS, MFA
Coordinator, Writing Center 
Instructor, Writing 




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