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Advising Information
Advising for First Years (.pdf, 205K, Downloaded:478 times)
Advising for Sophomores (.pdf, 206K, Downloaded:279 times)
Advising for Juniors (.pdf, 483K, Downloaded:270 times)
Advising for Seniors (.pdf, 480K, Downloaded:173 times)
Major GPA Calculation Sheet (.docx, 142K, Downloaded:183 times)
Foreign Language Placement (.pdf, 173K, Downloaded:165 times)
Sustainable Community - General Education Requirements
CML Course Listing (.pdf, 280K, Downloaded:367 times)
LGI Course Listing (.pdf, 279K, Downloaded:333 times)
General Requirements Checklist (.pdf, 605K, Downloaded:915 times)
Courses Fulfilling Sustainable Community Requirements (.pdf, 48K, Downloaded:487 times)
Fall 2014 LGI Courses (.pdf, 44K, Downloaded:363 times)
Fall 2014 SC 101 Descriptions (.pdf, 17K, Downloaded:174 times)
Spring 2015 CML Courses (.pdf, 13K, Downloaded:197 times)
Spring 2015 LGI Courses (.pdf, 37K, Downloaded:232 times)
Cross Registration Forms
Cornell University (.pdf, 187K, Downloaded:490 times)
Cayuga Community College (.pdf, 35K, Downloaded:234 times)
Registrar's Office Forms
Schedule Worksheet (.pdf, 25K, Downloaded:900 times)
Double Major Proposal (.pdf, 102K, Downloaded:341 times)
Learning Contract for Students on Academic Warning (.docx, 14K, Downloaded:220 times)
Learning Contract for Students on Academic Probation (.docx, 14K, Downloaded:212 times)
Change of Address Form (.doc, 24K, Downloaded:200 times)
Individualized Major Check list (.pdf, 74K, Downloaded:267 times)
Academic Petition (.doc, 273K, Downloaded:249 times)
Independent Study Form (.pdf, 111K, Downloaded:195 times)
Return complete form to the Registrar's office. 
POI/Audit/Pass-Fail Form (.doc, 267K, Downloaded:191 times)
Course Withdrawal Form (.doc, 511K, Downloaded:212 times)
PF/Audit/POI PDF Form (.pdf, 68K, Downloaded:80 times)
Major/Change of Advisor Declaration Form (.docx, 18K, Downloaded:98 times)
Minor Declaration Form (.docx, 18K, Downloaded:87 times)
Registrar's Office Information
Wells College Diploma Translation (.pdf, 29K, Downloaded:414 times)
Transcript Legend (.pdf, 48K, Downloaded:133 times)
IMPORTANT DATES - Spring 2015 (.pdf, 39K, Downloaded:72 times)
Spring 2015 Final exam schedule (.pdf, 15K, Downloaded:74 times)
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