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Welcome to Registration and Advising on The Globe

Dear Students,

Thank you for visiting the Registration and Advising page on The Globe.

This is where you get access to your academic information, including your course schedule, unofficial transcript, and more.  This is where you'll register for classes during registration and drop/add periods.  You will find links to useful documents and forms you can download. 

Make sure you keep track of all the important dates regarding registration, drop/add and withdrawals. You bear the responsibility for your academic choices and progress.  It is your responsibility to be in constant contact with your advisor through emails or on face-to-face meeting to make sure that you are on the right track. 

Nicole Pellegrino, Registrar and Director of Academic Advising and Success and Melanie Cullen, Assistant Registrar are generally available M-F 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., with occasional closings for meetings, so don't stop coming by (or calling or e-mailing) simply because so much is now available on The Globe--we'd miss you!

Sincerely, Registrar's Office

You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
General Education Checklist
Sustainable Community Checklist (.pdf, 596K)
Major Checklists

Below are the major sheets for students entering in Fall 2017. For upperclassmen, consult your Course Needs here or email Nicole Pellegrino for a copy of the requirements from a previous year.  

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BA and BS) (.pdf, 440K)
Biological and Chemical Sciences (BA) (2017-2018) (.pdf, 391K)
Biology (Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science) (2017-2018) (.pdf, 509K)
Business (Bachelor of Science) (2017-2018) (.pdf, 557K)
Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts) (2017-2018) (.pdf, 497K)
Chemistry (Bachelor of Science) (2017-2018) (.pdf, 491K)
Computer Science (2017-2018) (.pdf, 486K)
Criminal Justice (2017-2018) (.pdf, 483K)
Economics and Management-Economics (2017-2018) (.pdf, 671K)
Economics and Management-Management (2016-2017) (.pdf, 629K)
Inclusive Childhood Education (Bachelor of Science) (2107-2018) (.pdf, 859K)
English-Creative Writing (prior to 2017) (.pdf, 742K)
English-Creative Writing (Starting 2017) (.pdf, 641K)
English-Literature (Prior to 2017) (.pdf, 706K)
English-Literature (Starting 2017) (.pdf, 642K)
Environmental Science (2016-2017) (.pdf, 559K)
Film and Media Studies (2016-2017) (.pdf, 737K)
Health Sciences (Biological Sciences: Health Sciences) (.pdf, 349K)
History (2016-2017) (.pdf, 777K)
International Studies (2016-2017) (.pdf, 816K)
Mathematics (2016-2017) (.pdf, 531K)
Philosophy (2016-2017) (.pdf, 669K)
Physics (2016-2017) (.pdf, 518K)
Political Science (2016-2017) (.pdf, 605K)
Psychology (2016-2017) (.pdf, 633K)
Sociology and Anthropology (2016-2017) (.pdf, 538K)
Spanish (2016-2017) (.pdf, 544K)
Sustainability (.pdf, 481K)
Theatre and Dance (2016-2017) (.pdf, 678K)
Visual Arts-Art History (2016-2017) (.pdf, 530K)
Visual Arts-Book Arts (2016-2017) (.pdf, 561K)
Visual Arts-Studio Art (2016-2017) (.pdf, 540K)
Women's and Gender Studies (2016-2017) (.pdf, 719K)
Minor Checklists
Adolescence Education (.pdf, 372K)
Advertising (.pdf, 353K)
Africana (.pdf, 267K)
Anthropology (.pdf, 340K)
Art History (.pdf, 239K)
Biology (.pdf, 225K)
Book Arts (.pdf, 229K)
Business (.pdf, 483K)
Chemistry (.pdf, 245K)
Childhood Education (.pdf, 382K)
Cognitive and Brain Science (.pdf, 449K)
Communication Studies (.pdf, 576K)
Computer Science (.pdf, 226K)
Creative Writing (.pdf, 236K)
Criminal Justice (.pdf, 426K)
Dance (.pdf, 412K)
Economics (.pdf, 275K)
English (.pdf, 160K)
Environmental Science (.pdf, 349K)
First Nations and Indigenous Studies (.pdf, 369K)
French (.pdf, 192K)
German (.pdf, 211K)
Global and International Studies (.pdf, 418K)
Graphic Design (.pdf, 328K)
Healthcare Management (.pdf, 286K)
History (.pdf, 139K)
Holistic Health Studies (.pdf, 559K)
Italian (.pdf, 177K)
Japanese (.pdf, 256K)
Journalism (.pdf, 356K)
Management (.pdf, 495K)
Math (.pdf, 174K)
Museum Studies (.pdf, 389K)
Philosophy and Religion (.pdf, 309K)
Physics (.pdf, 190K)
Political Science (.pdf, 252K)
Psychology (.pdf, 525K)
Religious Studies 2014-2015 (.pdf, 383K)
Science, Health, and Values (.pdf, 329K)
Social and Economic Justice (.pdf, 675K)
Sociology (.pdf, 180K)
Spanish (.pdf, 141K)
Sport Management (.pdf, 389K)
Studio Art (.pdf, 214K)
Sustainability (.pdf, 530K)
Sustainable Food Systems (.pdf, 252K)
Theatre (.pdf, 321K)
Women's and Gender Studies (.pdf, 205K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Welcome to Wells! 
Picking classes for your first semester of college can be exciting, but also a little confusing! Here's a few things to keep in mind:
All new first-year students must take two courses: SC 100 and SC 101.
Register for any section of SC 100 that fits in your schedule and pick an SC 101 topic that interests you. SC 101 is a writing attentive course and so you will be writing a lot about whichever class topic you choose! 
Students should take between 12 and 15 credits their first semester, so with those two classes you have 6-9 more credits to go. Pick a class from your intended major and then a class or two from the Sustainable Community Requirements. Not sure what those are? Click here for a list of the requirements. Check out the checklists for each major on this page as well.
 For more information, see this explanation about how to actually add the courses.
Questions? You will be able to meet with a faculty member if you attend Wells Warm-up, but if you can't attend or have any questions before, feel free to call the Office of Academic Advising at 315-364-3240 or the Registrar's office at 315-364-3215.  
You are not authorized to use this portlet; It is only available to users in certain roles within the portal.
Advising Information
Advising for First Years (.pdf, 205K)
Advising for Sophomores (.pdf, 206K)
Advising for Juniors (.pdf, 482K)
Advising for Seniors (.pdf, 480K)
Major GPA Calculation Sheet (.docx, 142K)
Modern Language Placement (.pdf, 173K)
Advising Meeting Worksheet (.docx, 21K)
How to register for courses (.pdf, 1039K)
How to Clear Advisees (.docx, 13K)
Sustainable Community - General Education Requirements
CML Course Listing (.pdf, 58K)

Updated 10/19/17

LGI Course Listing (.pdf, 108K)

Updated 4/17/2017

General Education Requirements Checklist (.pdf, 621K)
Courses Fulfilling Sustainable Community Requirements (.pdf, 49K)
Cross Registration Forms
Cornell University (.pdf, 187K)
Cayuga Community College (.pdf, 631K)
Registrar's Office Forms
Schedule Worksheet (.pdf, 25K)
Double Major Proposal (.pdf, 251K)
Change of Address Form (.doc, 24K)
Individualized Major Check list (.pdf, 74K)
Academic Petition (.doc, 273K)
Independent Study Form (.doc, 278K)

Return complete form to the Registrar's office. 

PF/Audit/POI PDF Form (.pdf, 68K)
Major/Minor/Change of Advisor Declaration Form (.pdf, 163K)
Course withdrawal PDF (.pdf, 92K)
Individualized Major Proposal Form (.pdf, 42K)
Registrar's Office Information
Wells College Diploma Translation (.pdf, 28K)
Transcript Legend (.pdf, 48K)
Important Dates - Spring 2018 (.pdf, 41K)
Spring 2018 Final Exam Schedule (.pdf, 84K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.