Medical Care and Mental Health / Personal Counseling

Medical Care:  Routine health care at the Community Medical Center is covered by student/family health insurance plans, with the College paying any outstanding co-pays or deductibles to ensure students receive care at no additional cost. However, the College does not cover co-pays or deductibles for outside laboratory tests, x-rays, consultations, or surgery. Please consult with staff at the Medical Center regarding covered services.

Counseling: Professional counseling services are available by appointment at the Community Medical Center. Students may see a counselor every other week for up to eight visits per semester (16 per year), unless additional sessions are recommended by the therapist. 

When a student requires extended psychiatric care throughout the year, the student and her or his parent and/or guardian are responsible for making appropriate arrangements for the coordination of care provided outside the Medical Center with care provided at the Medical Center.  If a student's concerns need consultation outside of the Medical Center the staff at the Center can make an outside referral.