Spring 2008

Assessment Committee Report



The Assessment Committee met 14 times this academic year. Committee members include: William Ganis, Muriel Godbout, Jeanne Goddard, Ariel Lawson, Joel McCarthy, Travis Niles, Megan Ryan, Jackie Schnurr, Pam Sheradin, Cindy Speaker, Susan Talbot, Jeff Tillapaugh and Meredith VanDuyne.


The Committee has continued its (1) review of the assessment plans submitted by faculty and staff, (2) consultations with areas as they revise their plans, and (3) support of areas as they begin to engage in the annual reporting process for the first time. The Assessment Committee believes that its work (and the establishment of a campus culture of assessment) was greatly facilitated by the campus visit of Dr. Barbara Walvoord in December 2007. Her visit to Wells was part of the Faculty Development Series (sponsored by the Office of the Dean of the College, Office of the Associate Dean of the College, and the Office of Institutional Diversity) with additional support provided by the Office of the President which we believe elevated the importance of and commitment to assessment on campus. During her two-day visit, in addition to meeting with various campus programs and holding a faculty workshop, Dr. Walvoord worked with the Assessment Committee about how it can facilitate the Collegeís assessment work given the limitations of time and resources available.


The Committee dedicated its February 2008 meetings to the discussion of the assigned questions it received from the Middle States Self-Study Steering Committee. As work is completed this academic year, the Committee is aware of the campus need to have assessment data and its utilization clearly available when the external team visit occurs as part of the Middle States re-accreditation process. As the campus proceeds with the self-study process and considers how best to carry out assessment, itís likely that the role of the Assessment Committee may change. At minimum with the organizational changes that took place this year as well as potential changes to the configuration of some faculty committees, the membership of the Committee should be revisited.



Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Speaker

Associate Dean of the College

Chair, Assessment Committee