Spring 2007

Assessment Committee Report



The Assessment Committee was formed at the end of the fall semester (2006) by President Ryerson. Its charge is as follows:

The Wells College Assessment Committee is charged with the development, implementation, and oversight of a comprehensive campus-wide assessment program. With the College mission statement as its guiding force, the Committee is responsible for supporting all areas of the College as they reflect on their effectiveness of achieving their respective goals. For the academic programs (including majors, the First-Year Experience, and the General Education distribution requirements), student learning outcomes will be the focus of the assessment plan and process. And while student learning goals will also be considered in the academic support areas (such as Advising, Disability Services, Library, Career Services, and Off Campus Study) and student life (including athletics and residential life), administrative effectiveness goals will be assessed as well. Such goals will also be the focus of Admissions, Business Services, External Relations, Financial Aid, Registrar, and Student Affairs more broadly.

The approach of the Committee shall not be one that dictates missions or assessment methodologies, but rather shall be one that supports those involved to articulate their goals, objectives, and assessment measures. For all involved, their work must be guided by the College’s mission statement and ultimately student learning and development.

The Committee will review annually assessment reports from each department/area and be responsible for monitoring and reporting to the appropriate on-campus and off-campus constituents the changes that occur as a result of the assessment process.

The Committee’s membership includes the following (representatives serving at the invitation of the President):

One member from the Academic Program and Policy Committee (Jeanne Goddard)

One faculty member from each of the four academic divisions (William Ganis, Jackie Schnurr, and Susan Talbot; Humanities vacant)

Two students  --one from Collegiate Cabinet (Whitney McPherson) and one at large (vacant)

Associate Dean of the College (Cindy Speaker)

One representative from student academic support services (Muriel Godbout)

Two representatives from Dean of Students area -- one specifically regarding residential

life (Anne Lundquist; Residential Life vacant)

One External Relations representative (Pam Sheradin)

One Admissions representative (Megan Ryan)

One Senior Staff representative (Meredith VanDuyne)




The Committee held its first meeting on February 7, 2007 and has met a total of 10 times thus far and will hold its final meeting tomorrow. The Committee has reviewed all the draft assessment plans submitted by the academic programs and provided feedback. Members of the Committee have also met with programs as they have begun working on their revisions to their plans that are due on September 7,2007.   Additionally, the Committee just completed its review of the draft plans received from the academic support areas and is in the process of providing those areas with feedback.


Along with the review of the draft plans, the Committee has been working on developing two instruments for use. The first is a rubric to help groups when developing and revising assessment plans. The second is an annual reporting mechanism. Both should be finalized at our last meeting and will be shared with faculty before the semester comes to a close.




Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Speaker

Associate Dean of the College

Chair, Assessment Committee