D R A F T  11-16-08


Academic Advising Assessment, fall 2008 meeting report


The Committee on Academic Standing and Advising’s assessment plan underwent a few major revisions.  As a result we were late in submitting our latest revised assessment plan.  We have had feedback but no final word that our plan is acceptable.  We did not know if there would be money available, and from which budget, for the ACT survey, which figures prominently in our plan, and Dean Speaker responded via email that she had a small budget for such expenses.  We have not administered the survey. 


We have taken some actions:


We will do Goal 2, Objective 2.1, Outcome measure 2.1.1 for this semester by our advisor training for new faculty today.  We plan another session of some kind for the faculty at large next semester.


For Goal 2, Objective 2.1, Outcome measure 2.1.2, Dean Koester has been sending emails to faculty at least once a month about rules and policies, and Registrar Leybold-Taylor has been very active with emails to faculty as we move forward in the Jenzabar/Globe systems updating faculty about use of the Globe site as instructors and advisors. Chair Gagnon has emailed faculty about the mid-semester grade procedure (and ASA will bring a motion to the faculty to change the Faculty Manual paragraph about mid-semester grades).


Goal 3, Objective 3.1, Outcome Measure 3.1.3: The probation letters planned after ASA action on academic standing of students in January will include for first probation students the requirement that students meet with their academic advisors and reference to available student supports and for second probation students the requirement to meet with the Coordinator of Learning Support Services as well.


Goal 4, Objective 4.2, Outcome measure 4.2.1 –  There have been several petitions from one major to waive the rule that a student may count no more than 45 semester hours in one discipline toward the 120 required for the degree.  Dean Koester has sent an email to the members of that major and also included this rule as one of her emails to faculty for Goal 2, Objective 2.1, Outcome measure 2.1.2.


Goal 4, Objective 4.2, Outcome measure 4.2.3: Such notification has been occurring.