Overview of the Advisee Roster feature

The Advisee Roster feature allows you to search for and view a list of your advisees and to view information about a selected advisee. Information about the advisee is available via links (if you have been given permission by the campus portal administrator) to Student features/screens.

Search for Advisees

You search with or without filters for your advisees, and there's an advanced search feature. The results are listed in a table with the following information:



FERPA Restrict

The warning icon indicates that a FERPA restriction exists in the Name Master table in EX, which means that this student does not want personal/academic information disseminated.


Select the checkbox for each student you want to send an email to. The email icon indicates that an email address exists for the student.


The advisee's name is displayed. If the information icon appears, click it to view personal information about the advisee.

Student ID

The Student ID associated with the advisee is displayed.

Needs to Register?

A Y is displayed if the advisee has not yet registered.

Registration Clearance

Data is displayed in this column only if the Use the Registration Clearance Process for Selected Students checkbox has been selected in Course Schedules; button values are Remove and Grant; text values are Not Applicable and Term Expired.

This column is not displayed on the Printer Friendly version if you selected a status of All Advisees, Active Advisees, or Inactive Advisees on the search screens.

You can export the search results to Excel, and you can send an email either to all the advisees in the table or to only those you select.

When you click a student's name, the Advisee Details page opens.

Advisee Details

This page lists this student information:

·       My Info pop-up window

·       E-mail Address

·       Address

·       Classification

·       Max Credits

·       Advisors

These links are in the Tools and Information section:

·       Academic Records

o     Academic History

o     Grade Report

o     Unofficial Transcript

·       Registration

o     Add/Drop Courses

If the Register by Plan feature is turned on, the Add/Drop Courses link isn't available if the student has an academic plan. Students with academic plans register using the My Schedule (Register by Plan) page, which is linked from their Course Schedules feature. (The Advising Administrator can turn Register by Plan on or off in the Academic Planning section of the Advising Settings in EXi.)

o     Student Schedule

o     Advanced Course Search