Build a Custom Event Registration Form

The following outlines how to build a custom event registration form to be used with EXi Events. If you have an EXi Events license, Jenzabar-provided event registration form templates and datasources are automatically imported with the installer if you wish to use them.

Click here for more information on the provided event registration form templates.


The following needs to be set up to ensure your event registration form is working correctly:

Step 1: Make sure JICS is connected to EXi using the EXiApiRoot

Step 2: Set up your Database Connections

Step 3: Create a new form

Step 4: Connect the Form to the EXi Event to allow the campus portal to pull information from the EXi event

Step 5: Add questions/fields to the form

Step 6: For multi-part events, set up a collection grid to capture registration at the sub-event level (optional)

Step 7: Use datasources to populate fields with the user's contact information (optional)

Step 8: Map a question to an EXi Event field

Step 9: Map question to a payment field if you are collecting payments for the event

Step 10: Use Mapped Statements or EX Mapping Tool to store data collected in the form to a database (optional)

Step 11: Set up the form to collect fee payments (optional)



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