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To help Wells College students who are preparing for a career in the health sciences.


Host an annual information session open to all Wells College students. 

Announce regional health sciences fairs, panel discussions, and other events of interest to students preparing for health-related professions. 

Assist students during their application process and coordinate letters of recommendation.


The combination of a strong academic program, practical experience through internships and other experiential learning opportunities, and comprehensive individual advising has given Wells an excellent record in placing students in schools in the health sciences. HCAG members include:

  • Dr. Lauren O’Neil, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Stratton 301, 315-364-3268 ( (Chair)
  • Dr. Kristina Blake, Assistant Professor of Biological and Chemical Sciences, Stratton Hall, (
  • Dr. Deborah Gagnon, Associate Professor of Psychology, Macmillan Hall, (
  • Dr. Thomas Stiadle, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Macmillan Hall, (

Please contact any of us for additional information.

If you know you want to pursue a career in the health professions, send your information to You will be put on the Health Careers email listserv to receive updates about informational meetings and campus visits by professional school representatives.

A program that meets medical and dental school admissions requirements and prepares students for nationally administered admissions examinations normally includes two semesters each of general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and English. These courses are listed in the Wells catalog as:

  • BIOL 126L Genetics
  • BIOL 130L The Biology of Organisms
  • CHEM 107L General Chemistry
  • CHEM 108L Chemical Analysis
  • CHEM 213L Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 214L Organic Chemistry II
  • PHYS 111L Fundamentals of Physics I (at Wells this requires Math 111)
  • PHYS 112L Fundamentals of Physics II (at Wells this requires Math 112)
  • Any two English courses, normally WLLS 101 and one English course.

We strongly recommend that you also take BIOL114L, Anatomy & Physiology I, in addition to the other biology courses listed above.

Pre-veterinary study includes the 10 courses above and a semester of microbiology and/or biochemistry. These courses are listed in the Wells catalog as:

  • BIOL 310L Microbiology
  • CHEM 323L Biochemistry
Other health professions schools (e.g. schools of optometry, osteopathy, and chiropractic) have similar requirements.
Check requirements for specific schools and professions under the Health Careers links.
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